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To Whom this may concern, I am a full time mother of two and I homeschool my children in the mornings and then the afternoons I go do house cleaning for friends and family for $40 to $60 dollars a week or every two weeks. If there is anyone that wants to join me for house cleaning in town please send me and email. thank you! God Bless You!

Cobweb Clearing Services!

Posted By justanerd1975 on Dec 5, 2008 at 5:52PM

Helloooooo...oh.....oh...oh........... oh................................

Anybody around ?

Man Lauren, you gotta update your group blog!!

Lol! ;)

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Why homeschool? Because it brings God glory, that's why! :)

Posted By justanerd1975 on Oct 30, 2008 at 9:14AM

Let me know if you like this post! :)

"Just why is Christian Homeschooling 'to the glory of God?'
Christian Homeschooling is to God's glory because parents are seeking to teach their children from a perspective that honors God as who He is,GOD.
God over all, creator, redeemer, the life-giving vine that noursishes His people- all of us,His branches.

In this schooling, we teach Creationism. We teach our children that the theory of Evolution has one very big flaw- a flaw that cancels it out- that flaw is that this theory of creation and adaption leaves out God. We teach our children that we are to love one-another as God first loved us, to serve and comfort one-another in our needs as God never ceases to serve and comfort us. We teach them that the order God loves and ordained is celebrated in Mathematics, and in Science. We teach them to use their creative minds, such as God gifted us with, in His image. We may do a lot of the same things as the world's educational system does them, with one holy exception: we honor God in all that we do, we acknowledge Him and Praise Him, we say it is Ok to talk about Him and His commandments!, we learn His way's and not the way's of the world.

Christian Homeschooling honors the mother's exceptionally important role in the home.The position of the Homeschool teacher is one filled with women who boast in and trust in Jesus' Christ's redeeming work on the cross. We raise our children up for Him as we lovingly teach our children the ABC's and the 123's, how to walk as a believer in this sometimes dark world, how to be a light on a hilltop.

For these reasons, and so many more, God is glorified through our Christian Homeschooling. Be encouraged, mothers, for this is our heartwarming task- though we are sinners through and through still God allows us to partake with Him in this glorious task of raising our children, part of the next generation, up to know Him, honor Him, love Him, and love His commandments."

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